Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the tins made? All the tins are made in our own factory in China.
What delivery terms should I use ? The delivery terms are your choice, anything from ex works in China right through to receiving the goods at your factory door (DDP). Most customers new to importing use the DDP option; however this can only be done using a full container quantity.
Do I need to pay any duties? If you select any other option than DDP you will be responsible for paying all import duties on the goods. If you select DDP we will include this in the transportation cost. Irrespective you will be responsible for paying the VAT on the goods when they arrive. We can arrange for you to deal with a handling agent who can normally use a deferred VAT account assisting in cash flow.
What is 4 colour process ? 4 colour process is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). These are the 4 primary colours used to make up an image.
How do I upload my artwork ? Artwork can be uploaded direct to our FTP site... Please click on the pre-prepared email and enter your details onto the Text body here..FTP E-MAIL
What type of artwork file do I need ? Any commercial layered artwork file will be OK. We can open most things in Hong Kong.
What is the MOQ ? 3,000 for 4 colour process work.
1 x 20ft container for pantone work.
What is a paper proof ? A paper proof is made to check that everything is correct as far as layout is concerned at that the colours used are appropriate.
What is a metal proof ? A metal proof is there to see what the colour will look like on metal. These are not 100% accurate as they are made on a proofing press, but give a very good representation.
Do I need a metal proof ? In most cases there is no need for a metal proof, however some light colours; especially creams can come out very different on metal.
How will my tins be packed ? Every tin is wrapped individually in a poly bag and then placed in an inner carton. The inner carton is then placed in a transit shippeing carton.
Can I re-use the cartons ? Yes, many customers have us print the inner cartons and re-use them to dispatch their own goods in; we even print the end users codes on the cartons.

Please email to us at if you have any further questions.